Let’s fly a kite


Let's fly a kite - La Dolorita

Let’s fly a kite – La Dolorita

In our society, where the concept of craftsmanship is reserved mostly to HTML coding.

The children of Petare are organic everyday philosophers setting an interesting example: Kite crafting. Not only an intellectual hobby (for those who don’t know, kite crafting takes patience, creativity, knowledge on physics, trigonometry, mathematics and even meteorology)

What is even more impressive is that it’s textbook knowledge put into practice!

For this vulnerable and impoverished area—located in the middle of Caracas—this children are spending some ‘alone/ get to know myself time’ away from street life. In other words, building up their self-esteem (a term that is both scarce and popular these days).

Moreover, a sense of healthy competitiveness is being instilled, as well as an incipient meritocracy: the idea that whether or not you own a gun, is not going to make your kite fly higher.